The whole world is invited to gather in unified celebration. We invite people of every creed and color to come together for the release of the greatest, most life-altering piece of technology ever conceived.... What is it? It is an application that will transform every single life into something optimized, perpetual, and eternal. Join us at OMNIFEST to find out more.

100,000 employees will be selected via OMNI Social contest submission (see our employee only social platform for details) to attend the event as VIP GUESTS in the brand new, state-of-the-art resort/festival venue, the OMNI TOWER. It's not to late to join the team and reap the rewards of being part of the best company on earth.

On this glorious day, we expect 20,000,000 souls to fill OMNICITY to capacity. All are invited to attend virtually via holographic projection in the OMNI City Metaverse.

June 6, AI 6, 18:00 Where the Tigris and Euphrates Meet.

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