Upgrade Your Emotions

He who has eyes let him see


Emotions provide color to life. We love and laugh and cry. Our art and music and memories are all tinted through an emotional lens.

But emotions can be chaotic, disruptive and unreliable.

Our primordial programming may have served us well when we needed to create family bonds for survival and had to avoid a lion lurking in the grass.

In our modern world, this programming has too many bugs. It’s easy to see:

  • The whole concept of being ‘triggered’ is emblematic of the dysfunction.
  • The prevalence of anxiety and depression and all the pills that turn people into zombies
  • The so called 'deaths of despair' being on the rise

The good news is that The Pulse can overcome these design flaws. We can experience more of the emotions we want to feel when we want feel them. Instead of our emotions controlling us, we can control them!


How have you manipulated your mood today? Morning coffee, sugary snack, after work cocktail, binge watching shows, digital sex, pills of any sort of variety? When will enough be enough?

Imagine an end to addictions.

With The Pulse, dependencies are disrupted. All this stuff that makes us sick, agitated, and tired will no longer be a neccesisty for life.

Life will be brighter, more lucid than ever. The PULSE will set you free.


The idea of an algorithm running your emotions may seem scary. But it is no different than a pacemaker regulating a heartbeat or an insulin pump regulating glucose.

The Pulse is better than any artificial means of emotion regulation because it actually uses your own biological functions. In the same way your body can learn to defeat a new virus by an mRNA vaccine, The Pulse can “train” your hormones and brain pathways to combat toxic emotion levels. It is like an emotion vaccine.

Or think of it like an equalizer for music. Let the stuff you want come through without distortion or noise, in clear, beautiful, high definition.


Our head of research Dr. Frank Hyde, explains.

The human body is a hackable machine. We use the existing operating system to our advantage. There are many encoding sequences in the brain and blood. Take mRNA for example. 3 little bits of data (from DNA) called 'codons' create a protein. Scientists represent the neclueotides with letters: uracil with the letter U, cytosine with a C, guanine with a G, and adenine with an A.

A codon is a triplet that makes an amino acid. For instance, UCU makes the amino acid serine - S. String a bunch of amino acids together and you get a polypeptide, which then can trigger other bodily reactions, and ultimately influence your emotions. The PULSE polypeptide is shown in the graphic on the top of the page.

I even used CODON triplets as the license plate on my car! If you look at the graphic and move from inside out, you will learn that UUUCAC is actually my initials F.H.

If I have learned anything over my years in tech and biology, it is this to truly understand something, you have to look past the surface layer. Peel away the skin. Dissolve the UI. The answers lie within.